For property owners dealing with construction defects, litigation is rarely the first choice, but it is sometimes unavoidable. Criterium-Pacific Engineers will provide the investigative/forensic services needed to verify whether a structural or building flaw exists or not. We can advise building owners and their attorneys on the strength or weakness of the structural evidence supporting a defect claim. And if litigation proceeds, we can provide the expert witness testimony that will present the evidence in court, in mediation or in pre-trial negotiations. No single engineer knows everything about every building. But Criterium-Pacific Engineers is associated with a national network of affiliated companies, creating a large pool of highly qualified professional engineers with wide-ranging expertise. We have experts capable of testifying knowledgeably about virtually any component in any type of building.

Engineers are not known for their communications skill. Criterium-Pacific Engineers insists on it. We select our engineers based in part on their ability to communicate effectively with clients and on their behalf. The engineers who provide expert investigative/forensic testimony have years of experience doing so. They know how to present complex, technical information clearly, credibly and persuasively, both in court and in the pre-trial depositions that may lead to an out-of-court resolution of the dispute.

If you are pursuing a construction defect suit or considering one, contact Criterium-Pacific Engineers. We can provide the expert structural analysis and the expert testimony you need.