Complex Drainage Solutions

When we get heavy rain, does water pond against your foundation or blow into your building at doorways?  Criterium-Pacific Engineers offers unique solutions for any complex drainage problem.  Whether the problem is at your house or a large commercial site, our State of Hawaii licensed engineers will quickly analyze the site for volume of runoff and design a discharge system accordingly.

There are a number of practical solutions to these problems from increasing soil porosity to dry wells to perforated drains and capture systems – some are complex and unique to Criterium-Pacific Engineers innovation.  We will present solutions to the multitude of common site runoff problems.

  • Foundation Issues Caused by Poor Drainage
  • Standing Water and boggy areas
  • French Drain Design
  • Landscape Drainage
  • Gutter Capture Systems
  • Cut-off Wall Design
  • Dry Well Design and installation
  • Sump Pump design and installation

Contact Criterium-Pacific Engineers to arrange a professional on-site evaluation of your drainage or water intrusion issue.