Fire and Life Safety Evaluations for Ordinance 19-04 (formerly 18-14)

If your building is over 75 feet and doesn’t have an automatic fire sprinkler system, you are required to perform an evaluation and file results with the Honolulu Fire Department.  Call on us to perform this safety inspection.  The deadline is approaching.

If you have the proper documentation, your building can opt out of installing fire sprinklers. We will evaluate and most likely be able to find a solution to how the building can pass without installing fire sprinklers. We will provide a report with recommendations, how to implement them, and compare costs with installing a sprinkler system.

This Fire and Life Safety Evaluation must be performed by a licensed design professional, such as a licensed Engineer or Architect. The evaluation focuses on various safety aspects of the building, such as the fire alarm system, fire ratings of doors and walls, location of fire walls, egress, and emergency lighting. Evaluations must be completed by May 2, 2022.

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